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DGM - Accounts

Crossline Knit Fabrics Ltd.


Published On - 8 Oct, 2017

Job description
Job Location : Tongi, Gazipur

1. Procure to pay:

To check and verify records and documents of all Inventories at store assuring that stores are properly maintained and goods are in order.

To check and verify the assets "Properties plan and equipment" in accordance with audit and accounting standard finding out its proper cost-effective utilization and conditions.

To check and verify bills, vouchers and source documents of financial and operational transactions to prevent fraudulent activities.

To check and verify procurement requisition in accordance with standard audit samplings and assigned by the management.

2. Order to Cash [Business Control: Merchandising]:

To check and verify Bills of Materials in accordance with CAD consumption and Materials Specifications for Sample-Style approved by the buyers

3. Order to Cash [Business Control: Commercial]:

To monitor and close Export L/C and sales contract assessing export performance by individual buyer L/C & Sale contract and consolidated.

To monitor and close Import /Local Margin L/C, BTB L/C and TT Payment to compute landed costs for total materials and per unit of materials and per unit of materials producing landed cost sheet as well as purchase recap report.

4. Materials Control [Requirements &Consumption, Inventories At Store& Production Floor (WIP)

Internal check & Verify Fabric-Yarn Bookings (Main, Revised, Short)

To Check & Verify Material requisition (Yarn, Dyes& chemicals) With BOM/ Booking/ By Buyer, job, Order to find out optimum utilization of existing stock- reuse & recycle.

To analyze and report inventories by age, leftover and obsolescence assuring of that the inventories are utilized in accordance with Booking and Requisitions.

To Check, Verify and analyze WIP in accordance with input - Output Ratio of Materials to produce Fabric & Garments.

To check, verify and analyze WIP in accordance to input - output ratio of Materials to produce Fabrics & Garments.

5. Production Control [Recording & Reporting : Accounting, Input & Input & Output Analysis, Production loss & Left over]

Recording & Reporting: To verify the production records and report based on ERP PLATFORM with source documents to ensure that all record, Reports and documents are maintained properly and accurately.

Accounting: To check the planned/ budgeted production of all products with the actual on a daily, weekly, monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and yearly ascertaining the reasons for shortfall in production.

6. HRM [Requirement, Recruitment, Engagement, Redundant, Replacement, Development, Costs & Services]

To analyze & report periodically (weekly, monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly) Man-Machine service cost & head count (Direct & Indirect, Supervision & Management)

To analyze & report standard available time (SAT) & Standard Minute Value (SMV) in terms of minutes & hours & cost per Minute and hour (Direct & Indirect, Supervision & Management) per output / production- Goods, Services, Machine, Documents and reports etc.
  • Age 38 to 45 year(s)
  • Person doesn't meet above requirements, please limit yourself from applying.
  • Must have excellent communication ability, both verbal and written.
  • Must have strong command over any accounting software.
  • Must have a strong understanding of Microsoft Office, especially MS Excel.
  • Must have updated Knowledge regarding VAT & TAX.
Masters Degree along with CA/ACCA courses from any reputed institution.
12 Year(s)
7 Nov
Job requirements
  • 12 to 15 year(s)
Career Level

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